Windows Server Administration

Are you working on, or Studying “Windows Server”? if yes, this is for you.

Knowing how to manage and maintain windows server environment is a core skill for Sys Ops, DevOps, and SRE

The “know how” has always been about doing it yourself, that is why I wrote up some “Lab Guides” to help you do it yourself in a your virtual environment.

Below is the architecture that you will build in your favorite virtual environment, I prefer Hyper-V on windows 10 or 11 because it works better and with less issues on some labs, like when I implement VPN using “Routing and Remote Access” role. However, no harm if you prefer to use another hypervisor.

Please start by installing Windows Server VMs, and one Client VM, there is no guide here on how to install a virtual machine, if you don’t know how to do it, please do some search on it, and get back to proceed with the labs.

Start building “lab.lcoal” domain first, then on step 10 you will build the other one “abc.local”

Here are the lab guides:

1- Install “Active Directory Domain Services”, Join the client to the domain

2- Install Additional Domain Controller

3- Create “Active Directory” objects , download support files

4- Install and Configure DHCP Server Role

5- Group Policy Management

6- Basic DNS configuration

7- Advanced DNS configuration (you will use PowerShell commands for this lab), download

8- Migrate DHCP server role (you will use PowerShell commands for this lab), download

9- Install and configure VPN server, and learn how to configure the server to use SSTP as a more secure VPN protocol

10- Create new domain and forest named “abc.local”, and create trust relationship between the two forests

I hope you enjoy the labs, and more to come later.

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